Accessory set

Code CONT-BC-M16
GTIN 6438389105216
Name Accessory set
Insulation plug accessory set for 24 kV 630 A screened separable connector
Description Additional insulation plug set for CONT630 screened separable connectors. The set contains components for 3 cores. Insulating plugs, threaded bolts, nuts, washers and insulating caps are included in the kit. This M16 insulation plug set enables connection of CONTB630-24Lxx series back connectors and CONT-SA10-xx series surge arresters with M12 threaded CONT630 series separable connectors.
Vendor Ensto Finland Oy


  • Shear head cable lugs – range taking
  • Easy installation – only few components 
  • Silicone material – easy to apply.
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