Why do we need Low Voltage ABC protection?

Ensto has developed integrated product packages and solutions for low voltage overhead lines. Our high-quality overhead line accessories help in building a
distribution network with a life-cycle of 40-50 years. Different Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables (LV ABC) Overhead Line Systems. The solutions are designed to meet the international and local standards and take into account the special requirements of the urban, rural and forested areas, density of population, climatic conditions, available investments etc.

Low voltage pole fuse switch disconnectors SZ160 family

The new fuse switch family can be operated from the ground by using the operating stick and separate terminal covers make the installing easier and safer

Pole fuse switch disconnectors are used for protecting low-voltage networks. They combine the functions of a fuse, a switch and a disconnector. Pole fuse switches are easy to use as they can be operated from the ground by using a rod. They are also reliable and work for decades even in the most severe conditions. Their reliability and safety has been proved in numerous tests in accordance with IEC and national standards. Ensto manufactures 160 A and 400 A.

The SZ160 family will replace the existing pole fuse switch disconnector models SZ50-SZ150, which have been sold and installed hundreds of thousands pieces all over the world. Products are designed in Finland and they last from father to son - and even longer.

Now the overall range has the same benefits:

  • Safe and easy to install
  • Separate terminal covers
  • Operating stick
  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Type tested
  • Laser marking
  • Robust locking mechanism

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Low Voltage Circuit Breaker D165T & D265T

The protection and management of MV / LV transformers in rural areas requires the use of specific Circuit Breakers adapted to significant load imbalances and thus guarantees the total use of the installed power even in unbalanced conditions. These devices (4 poles - 3 protected) use air-break technology with chambers with metal partitions to cut the arc.

Low voltage pole mounted circuit breaker D165T – D265T with digital trip unit. The main advantage of the digital trip, is to follow the thermal image of the transformer, and switch-off when the transformer load will reach the limit level.

Main benefits:

  • Adapted for transformer protection (50 kVA, 100 kVA or 160 kVA) more compact and easier to use than a fused solution
  • When the Circuit Breaker is closed, a spark gap limits the rise in potential of the LV neutral from the earth, for a value exceeding 10 kV
  • When the Circuit Breaker is open, an electrical connection is done between the neutral of the transformer and the ground
  • Product definition can be adapted to customer needs (number of feeders, fixing support, type of rod assembly, Trip Unit type, Load Indicator option, etc.)

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Low voltage pole fuse switch disconnector RY150450

For protecting stranded overhead cables and underground cables in LV-networks. Fuse-switch can be operated from the ground level by using operating rods. The fourth pole is a fixed solid neutral connection. It is opened and closed together with the other phase-poles. Connectors included 8 x V-type 4835 N240 terminal clamps.


  • Safe and easy to install
  • Separate terminal covers
  • Operating stick
  • Suitable for extreme conditions

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