Ensto's raffle rules

  1. What is being raffled

Ensto Oy is raffling a gift gard to Elämyslahjat. The prize is worth 100 euros.


  1. Rules for participation

You can participate in the raffle by registering to Ensto's talent pool called Connect. 

The participation time is from October 25 until Febryary 28, 2023.


  1. Data use

The participant gives permission to Ensto Oy to their information to complete the raffle and to notify about a possible win. The participants' information will not be used to other purposes. The winner will be asked for permission to publish the winner on Ensto's social media platforms after the raffle. A win does not however obligate you to give permission.


  1. Completing the raffle and notifying the winner

We will complete the raffle by March 10, 2023, at the latest, after which we will notify the winner by email. The winners will be drawn at random from the participants. If we are not able to get in touch with the winner, we will draw a new winner after one week. The draw will be repeated every week until we contact the winner. Naturally, the new draw will void the previous winners' right to the prize.


  1. Receiving the prize

The price will be delivered to the winner by email. If the prize is delivered by mail, Ensto Oy will pay the mail fee in Finland. If other costs occur, the recipient of the prize is responsible for them. Ensto Oy is not responsible for any obstacles to receiving the prize nor tarveling expenses.


  1. Other information

Ensto can refuse to enter a person into the raffle on the grounds of unethical behavior, even if the person meets the conditions for entry. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the rules.


Ensto Oy organizes the raffle.