Supplier Code of Conduct

Ensto is committed to developing and maintaining a sustainable business in all its operations. We do our utmost to run the business in the ethical manners through the whole value chain. This means that Ensto’s values are embedded in the Ensto Code of Conduct and in this Supplier Code of Conduct and that sustainability along with business ethics are integrated in our business plans and decision-making processes.

This Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Ensto has signed the United Nations Global Compact initiative and became a registered member as of 2013.

Purpose and expectations

The Ensto Supplier Code of Conduct, defines the minimum sustainability requirements to our suppliers and expectations regarding ethical issues. Ensto's suppliers are also suggested to establish their own ethical code of practices.

Ensto suppliers are obligated to implement the principles of Ensto's Supplier Code of Conduct across their whole operations and supply chain. We expect suppliers to verify compliance by providing information and allowing possible audits.

During suppliers' approval process Ensto evaluates and selects suppliers taking into consideration this Supplier Code of Conduct and UN Global Compact principles. If the supplier does not fulfill the requirements, they are either given an opportunity to conduct corrective actions before they can be approved as Ensto's supplier or in more severe case they are turned down.

Legal compliance

Ensto's suppliers shall follow all applicable laws and regulations related to business. In addition to legal requirements and regulations, Ensto's suppliers are expected to work in accordance with high standards of business ethics.

We expect our suppliers to report of any suspected violation of the laws or this Code.

Health and Safety

Ensto considers health and safety to be one of the top priorities. Therefore we also expect our suppliers to make sufficient actions to secure the safety and healthy working conditions for their employees and others working on their property. We expect our supplier to do their utmost to prevent any accidents.

Human rights

Ensto is committed to the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore Ensto's suppliers shall respect internationally recognized human rights. We expect our suppliers to require the same from their suppliers. We also encourage our suppliers to conduct appropriate human rights due diligence.

Labor rights

Ensto honors internationally recognized labor rights and does not accept any kind of compulsory labor. The same is expected from our suppliers.

Ensto's suppliers shall respect employees' right to leave freely their employment after reasonable notice. Ensto's suppliers shall also recognize and respect employees’ freedom to join associations and have the right to form and join trade unions.

At Ensto we treat each other equally and do not tolerate any discrimination and the same is also expected from our suppliers. In any work related activities, suppliers should not take into account any characteristics that are not related to the ability to succeed in the work.

Child labor

At Ensto we do not accept child labor in any form and we expect the same from our suppliers. The minimum age limits and the nature of work of young employees are defined in ILO Convention 138 on the Minimum Age and Convention 182 on the Elimination of the Worst Form of Child Labor. At minimum we expect our suppliers to follow these guidelines and limits.

We encourage our suppliers to develop and implement mechanisms to detect child labor. If Ensto's suppliers are using subcontractors from risks areas, we expect these suppliers to take actions to make sure that no child labor is used.

Quality and Environment

Ensto wants to provide high quality products and solutions to its customers and to meet this target high quality is required from our suppliers. Suppliers are expected to meet the quality standards and other specification required by Ensto.

At Ensto we take environmental matters into account in all of our actions. We value sustainable operation, products and services. Ensto's suppliers are encouraged to support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, to find ways to reduce their environmental load and to develop environmentally sustainable products, as these aspects are part of our suppliers' selections criteria.

Business secrets and property rights

At Ensto we do our utmost to maintain the secrecy of confidential information. We expect our suppliers to keep all the business agreements, sensitive product information and other confidential information entrusted unless otherwise agreed.


Ensto has zero tolerance towards bribery and we expect the same from our suppliers. Ensto's suppliers shall ensure that it forbids all forms of corruptions including offering, promising, giving, requesting, demanding or accepting a bribe, illicit payments or other improper benefit to obtain or retain business.

Fair business

At Ensto we do business fairly and openly which is also expected from our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to avoid activities that might restrict effective competition and actions that could harm Ensto´s reputation or competitiveness. We also expect our partners to market their product openly and truthfully.