You can download the DIALux illumination calculation programme onto your own computer free of charge from www.dialux.com

Ensto has made a Premium Partnership agreement with German lighting software company DIAL. Ensto's lighting products can now be found from Plug-In version of DIALux program.

Ensto Plug-In for DIALux can now be downloaded from our website. Plug-In enables fast and efficient product search and light distribution curve download directly into your program. You will find Ensto also directly in the DIALux program where the downloading is easy and fast as well. You may search and light distribution curves from product hierarchy or by technical features.

Load Ensto Plug-In for DIALux and benefit from leading finnish manufacturer's product data.

Ensto Plug-In for DIALux download


LDT-files for products can also be downloaded directly from our product database:

Lighting products