Choosing an enclosure

When choosing a protective enclosing, it is necessary that you understand the operating principles of the equipment that will be installed in the enclosure, as well as the conditions in which the equipment will operate. With this information, the accurate identification of the required enclosure parameters is possible. Parameters to be considered in addition to dimensions include:

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Degree of protection
  • Flammability
  • Certificates


We use high quality materials provided to us by the world’s leading suppliers. The right material ensures the safety of the installed equipment and its users and eliminates the risk of unnecessary additional costs due to emergency breakdowns. The maintenance needs of an enclosure depend on the materials used.

Standard enclosures

Our Ensto Cubo range includes enclosures made of

Customer-specific solutions

We have sound knowledge of a wide range of materials. In case of customer-specific enclosing and industrial housing solutions the material selections are always made together with our customers to optimize the manufacturability and technical performance.

Enclosure gaskets

We use injected, jointless PUR (polyurethane) gaskets in our thermoplastic, polyester and aluminium enclosures, to ensure a high protection class. Some enclosures are available with silicone gaskets, on request. The temperature-resistance of the various gasket materials is as follows:

  • Polyurethane: -40 °C... +80 °C
  • Chloroprene (CR): -40 °C... +110 °C
  • Silicone: -50 °C... +150 °C
Ensto Cubo enclosures


The size of the enclosure is determined by the minimum and/or maximum dimensions of the application. When selecting the size, please consider whether further components are likely to be added at a later stage and, if so, whether the dimensions of the enclosure will still be adequate.

We have a wide range of sizes available for our standard enclosures. In addition to these, we can create solutions with customer-specific sizes.

Degree of protection

For effective enclosure, the degree of protection is an important factor. The degree of protection is defined purely for the enclosure and should be maintained during the installation work, meaning that, for instance the IP class of the cable glands used for cable entries should be higher or the same as that of the enclosure.

IP code (European standard EN 60529)

All Ensto Cubo enclosures are designed for use in demanding environments. Their IP code ranges between IP55 and IP67. We have also made customer-specific solutions with an IP69K rating that covers high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications. These applications are dust tight and able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning.

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IK code (European standard EN 62262)

The IK code for our thermoplastic enclosures ranges between IK06 and IK10.

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Environmental type classification UL 50 E

Our enclosures are tested according to American environmental type classification by the UL. Environmental type classification is also known as NEMA classification. Further information can be found on the UL website

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Flammability is defined as how easily something will burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The flammability-related requirements for an enclosure depend on the application for which it is used. Flammability class refers to classification of the ignition- and burning-resistance characteristics of other than metal or ceramic materials. Our enclosures have been tested in terms of flammability by Underwriters Laboratories.

Most of our polycarbonate enclosures have been tested according to UL 746C and pass the demanding five-inch flame testing performed and certified by SGS. The flammability rating of our polycarbonate enclosure raw material is UL 94 V-2 / 5VA and ABS enclosure is UL 94 HB.

Our plastic enclosures also fulfill the glow wire test according to IEC 60695-2-11.

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Ensto Cubo enclosures are certified in accordance with EN 62208 (SGS Fimko). Most of our polycarbonate enclosures are also UL and cUL listed (Underwriters Laboratories, File # E 189312). Our enclosures also have GOST R certification for sale in Russia. Many of our enclosures also have a Germanischer Lloyd certificate for marine applications.

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