Heat shrink term earth kit

Code STE6.3
GTIN 6438100300388
Name Heat shrink term earth kit
18/30 (36) kV 3x-3x1x95-240 mm² core shielding three mm² core to single mm² core 3 m
Beschreibung The additional core shielding kit is used to change a three core cable to three single core cables. The kit is suitable for max. 36 kV XLPE insulated cables with copper wire shield. The kit is suitable, when three core cables are terminated with single core cable terminations type HIT1, HOT1, CIT1, COT1. The kit contains heat shrink insulating tubes, an insulating breakout and tinned Cu mesh tape.


  • Shear head cable lugs – range taking
  • Easy installation – only few components 
  • Silicone material – easy to apply.