Warmschrumpf Endverschluss Outdoor

Code HOT1.1205
GTIN 6418677443411
Name Warmschrumpf Endverschluss Outdoor
6/10 (12) kV 3x1x400-630 mm² single core without lug
Beschreibung The termination kit is used for outdoor terminating of max. 12 kV cables with XLPE insulation and copper wire shield. The kit is suitable for single core cables, containing the components for three cores. The kit includes all the components needed for terminating: mastics, tapes, cleaning and grinding materials, heat shrink stress control tubes and insulating anti-tracking tubes and sheds. The cable lugs are not included.


  • Reliable operation – proven in practice
  • Wide range – possible to tailor for any cable type
  • Clear installation instructions – no assembly errors