Code HJTW11.2404
GTIN 6418677450679
Name Warmschrumpfübergangsmuffe
12/20 (24) kV 3x-3x1x185-300 mm² three core paper 3 metal sheaths to AHXAMK-W with connector
Beschreibung The joint kit is used for jointing of paper insulated max. 24 kV cables with individual metal sheaths to AHXAMK-W cables. The kit suits for unarmoured paper insulated cables as it is. For armoured paper insulated cables an additional kit SJEW20 is needed.The kit includes all the components needed for jointing: mastics, tapes, cleaning and grinding materials, heat shrink oil resistant tubes, stress control tubes, an insulating breakout, insulating and semiconductive tubes as well as sealing tub