Code EVH161-ACRM0-C
GTIN 6430064497623
Name E-Ladestation Ensto
Ensto One 1x16A Type2 cable RCBO MID EVMAN RFID Ethernet IP54
Beschreibung Ensto One powered with EV Manager backend is ideal charger for apartments or similar places where user management and authorization is needed. Choose from 3.6kW - 22kW with defaulted Type 2-socket. Models with fixed Type 2-charging cable or additional schuko-socket are available. Charger always comes with built-in DC leakage detection (6mA), built-in residual current detection (RCBO, 30mA) and MID energy meter. Installator can easily adjust the charging current via Bluetooth mobile app.
Verkäufer Ensto Chago Oy
Brand Ensto