Leading Expert for Distribution System Operators

As informed earlier, we have announced a new "Two businesses, two focuses" strategy where our company will consist of two separate businesses with their own visions, strategies, employees, organizations and legal companies. From January 1, 2021 onwards, the Ensto family will consist of two businesses with their separate focuses: Ensto DSO (Distribution System Operators) and Ensto Building Systems (EBS). The changes are designed to maintain Ensto’s competitiveness and to enable growth through a more dedicated customer and business focus.

At Ensto DSO, we aim to become the global leading expert for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in selected segments. Achieving international growth and a leader position requires full focus operationally and organizationally – our own vision, strategy and resources. Ensto DSO business belongs to Ensto Oy with Hannu Keinänen as a President and CEO.

We believe that our DSO customers need a partner who can provide reliability, future adaptability and low life-cycle costs for electricity distribution business, today and tomorrow. We want to offer our more focused expertise to the specific needs of our customers through our dedicated specialists, and our experts are ready and able to support our customers on an individual level. We want to be the globally trusted partner who understands the electricity distribution business inside and out.

We want to provide more customer-focused solutions, which are targeted to fulfill your needs together with our product development experts. We seek technology leadership in target markets with specific products in overhead and underground network businesses as well as build our expert role in cyber-secured network automation business and supply new support technology for DSOs.

Despite taking separate steps with our "sister" business Ensto Building Systems, we will continue to share best practices as well the strong brand, history and culture of Ensto. Our shared mission, “Better life with electricity”, values and governance as well as the support of our committed owner, the Miettinen family, will continue to drive us on.

Mika Haikola
SVP, global sales and business development
Ensto DSO