Stíněný 630 A omezovač přepětí

Kód CONTS630.10-12
GTIN 6438100319816
Název Stíněný 630 A omezovač přepětí
Screened 630 A Surge Arrester In = 10kA Uc = 12 kV Ur = 15 kV 6/10 (12) kV
Popis The screened surge arrester can be connected to CONT630 and CONTB630 connectors. The arrester protects transformers, switchgears and transmission lines againts atmospheric and switching overvoltages. Set includes three pcs of surge arresters and connection bolt.Max current 4/10 µs impuls: 100 kA Rectangle 2000 µs impuls: 250 A Short circuit current withstand: 20 kA