Za tepla smrštitelná přechodová spojka

Kód HJT31.1202C
GTIN 6418677447419
Název Za tepla smrštitelná přechodová spojka
6/10 (12) kV 3x-3x1x35-95round/50-70sector mm² belted paper three core to XLPE single core with connector
Popis The joint kit is used for jointing of max. 12 kV three core cables with belted paper insulation and lead or aluminium sheath, either armoured or non-armoured, to single core cables with XLPE insulation and copper wire or tape shield. The kit includes the shear head bolt cable connectors suitable both for aluminium and copper conductors, and all the components needed for jointing.
Dodavatel Ensto Finland Oy
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