Sustainability management

Ensto´s corporate governance policy outlines the rights, roles, and responsibilities of the governing and management entities at Ensto. The policy covers owners (through EM Group Oy), the Board of Directors, the President and CEO, and the Ensto Management Group.

EM Group Oy has the fundamental responsibility to formulate and communicate their expectations regarding Ensto´s value creation and respective risk tolerances to the governing bodies of Ensto. The primary role of Ensto’s Board of Directors is to ensure future success and operational preconditions for Ensto. In order to guarantee objectivity, no person from the operational management of Ensto is allowed to be a member of the Board, and at least two Board members have to be unrelated to the family.

The corporate governance policy highlights, among other aspects, the objectivity of decision-making, adherence to ethical standards, legal compliance, effective procedures, and close and open dialogue. In addition, the policy states the principles and responsibilities for risk management in the organization as well as in audit requirements.

Sustainability reporting steering team

A sustainability reporting steering team has been set up to ensure the reporting process is carried out every two years. The sustainability reporting steering team has representatives from Corporate Communications, Operations, Human Capital Management, New Technologies, and Finance. The chairman of the steering team is Ensto’s Brand and Communications Director.