Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to responsibility of our actions.

We strive to ensure that our suppliers, sub-contractors and partners uphold high standards for responsible business practices. When selecting suppliers we look for quality, reliability, transparency and ability to foster innovation.

We are committed to transparency and strive to build long-term, open, fair and mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and partners as well as seek innovative ways of working together.

We take global responsibility for our actions, comply with regulatory frameworks and adhere to best practices, while minimizing our impact on environment. We are continuously developing our processes and the way we are working with our suppliers and partners to reach top performance in our projects.

Key Focus Areas

Working with Our Suppliers

Ensto's suppliers are an important part of our supply chain. With our supplier, we are able to provide high-quality products, solutions and services to our customers. Ensto currently has active co-operation with around 3,000 external suppliers who supply us raw materials, components, modules, services etc. Out of these 167 are classified as key suppliers.

Through collaboration with our stakeholders, we aim to enhance long-term relationships, ensure the highest quality and create a sustainable supply chain. In purchasing this means specifically that the suppliers shall be treated equally, without discrimination and purchasing decisions shall be based on open and clear criteria.

Supplier Quality

Sustainability and proactive supply risk management contributes to higher quality and security of supply for Ensto businesses.

Ensto is committed to material compliance, and to ensure high social, environmental and human rights standards including United Global Compact principles. We encourage our internal and external stakeholders to adopt similar standards and to comply with regulatory requirements.

The input of a supplier’s performance quality is indicative of a Ensto customer’s satisfaction.

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