Quality policy

We are a private, international, electrical technology company of Finnish origin. Our mission is to build a better society by improving energy efficiency and focusing on sustainable development. Our products and services are targeted for a long lifetime and a low lifecycle impact on environment.

We work for customer satisfaction and focus on customer care. Our customers' needs lead us in finding right solutions to build added value to their business. In customer relationships we aim for long term partnerships.

We develop our offering and processes encouraging creativity and in the spirit of continuous improvement, yet economically reasonably. To reach continuous improvement we set targets, measure the progress on regular basis and learn from the feedback.

We follow Ensto values and policies and commit to follow respective legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements.

We build our business on people and our values on a long-term basis. We continuously develop our competences and arrange regular training for the personnel. We develop our working environment and -circumstances in a way that the occupational physical and mental health problems will be prevented.

Everyone is responsible on the quality of his/her work and is committed to our management system.

Quality policy (pdf)