Environmental policy

At Ensto, we manufacture and market supplies for the distribution of electrical power and for building technology as well as enclosing solutions for demanding industrial environments. We are known for delivering products and solutions that are advanced, highly energy-efficient, reliable and with a long lifetime and a low lifecycle impact on environment.

We place sustainable development at the heart of our strategy for continual improvement and innovation. We concentrate our efforts in the areas that account for most of our environmental impact to more effectively enhance our overall performance; namely the use of raw materials, the consumption of electricity and the generation of non-recyclable waste.

We comply or exceed all legal and other regulatory requirements, ensuring that our daily work contributes to build a fair and environmentally sustainable society.

We integrate our environmental principles in our processes by establishing programs and guidance, and by training our employees about environmental matters and responsibilities. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance by monitoring, auditing and reviewing the entire management system.

We openly share our environmental performance with all our stakeholders, and encourage them to collaborate and support our efforts. We expect our suppliers and partners to respect our environmental values when engaging in business activities.

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