Lean Manufacturing and Delivery

We strive for operational excellence.

Our culture of continuous improvement is based on sustainable, effective and efficient manufacturing.  We are constantly working to minimize negative environmental impacts of our operations, minimizing both the resources used and the waste created. We are also utilizing possibilities of circular economy. We focus on efficient and agile delivery capability and keep our promises to customer.

We are focusing on providing customers the best possible products at the best possible prices, quality levels and delivery times. Lean does this by focusing on finding and removing waste.  

We are constantly striving for world-class manufacturing in our factories.

Key Focus Areas

Lean Manufacturing at Ensto

Efficient and well-organized operations are an essential part of Ensto's company culture. We work hard to reduce delivery lead times, enhance manufacturing flexibility, and focus on delivery accuracy in order to meet our customer's current and future needs.

In order to promote lean manufacturing in our operations, we are running a company-wide internal program, “Ensto Operational Excellence (EOX)”. The program is all about continuous improvement and focuses on adding value and reducing waste, which results in shorter lead times, better flexibility and top quality for the benefit of our customers.

Focusing on Quality at Ensto

The quality of our products, services and solutions is an integral part of our strategy and a cornerstone of our business. Quality is embedded in our daily business, as we strive to deliver the best customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our target is to solve customer's problem fast and smoothly in order to ensure satisfied customer. We strive to observe potentially dangerous, expensive and epidemic product faults as soon as possible in order to minimize the effects. We do our best to prevent recurrent problems by affecting on root causes of the problem.

Delivery at Ensto

One of our key strategic projects is to improve efficiency and agility of our end-to-end supply chain. We aim to improve our service capabilities – such as delivery times, small-orders handling and warehousing strategies, and securing visibility on profitability across our operations teams.

When planning our delivery, we take sustainability into account. We try to optimize the sizes of delivery batches and avoid air freights whenever possible. One of the criteria for selecting logistics partners for Ensto is environmental aspect. We require our transportation partners to have clear consciousness of environmental issues and to take concrete actions to decrease the CO2 emissions in transportation. Model of transport is chosen based on the customer needs.