Supporting local communities

In 2017 Ensto renewed its sponsoring policy. According to the new policy, children and youth are the most important target groups of Ensto's sponsorships. Ensto wants to support well-being and physical exercise of children and youth in those communities, we are located. As a family company, Ensto wants to support families in the surrounding community, and thus help family well-being.

Ensto supports primarily team sports, since this demonstrates Ensto's basic corporate values of interaction and collaboration, as well as supporting team play rather than an individual's performance. One of the main goals of sponsorship for Ensto is to do concrete acts and to be an active and responsible part of society. Through sponsorship, we also support our business operations and interact with our stakeholder groups. We collaborate with many good projects and organizations, focus being in social and environment responsibility programs.

In 2017, we have supported multiple children sport clubs in the countries that we are actively present. For example in Czech we sponsor Junior Football League, in Finland we have supported children athletics teams and associations.