Sustainability Report

Cooperation with our stakeholders

For us, being a trusted partner as smart electrical solution provider, contributing to enhance nature's wellbeing is self-evident. We aim continuously to build an open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders to find together the best practices to achieve a more sustainable and socially responsible world. We are doing this by actively developing our relationships with employees, customers, communities, suppliers, students and other stakeholder groups. Through our sustainable and smart solutions we are able to create basis for better life with electricity.

Stakeholders are considered an integral party of the organization as they are important for us. We find it necessary to understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholder to ensure customer satisfaction, to meet compliance obligations and continuously improve our stakeholder management. Therefore in 2017 we conducted an interested party analysis. The analysis was done together with our employees from different roles and people from management group. The analysis focuses on understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and to find out the positive, negative and changing influences from a range of stakeholders.

From sustainability point of view our key stakeholders are Ensto's personnel, customers, owners and suppliers. We also actively work with students, communities and authorities.

Customers • Good service level, quality products which fulfil the standards, competitive pricing • Long-term customer relationships • Local presence in each market area • Sustainable and responsible operation • Improving the price-quality ratio product and solution development processes • Involving customers in product development projects • Developing sales management • Making sustainability one of the main criteria in our product development • Training programs for customers • Participating fairs • Technical support
Employees • Permanent jobs and long-term careers • Fair and equal treatment • Safe working environment • Opportunities for training and personal development • Professional leadership • Positive work environment • Development actions based on employee feedback • Developing leadership and competence skills• Job rotation • Promoting employee health and safety• Wellbeing -framework
Suppliers • Responsibility and liquidity • Long-term business relationships• Clearly defined requirements • Open communication and accurate information• Support in competence development • Conducting business in a reliable and responsible way • Open pricing policy • Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Requirement Guidelines published on our website • Regular partner meetings • Involving suppliers in development projects
Owners • Long term value creation and strategy • Competent employees • Responsible risk management and corporate governance • Excellent global Ensto reputation • Implementing a new Ensto strategy • Responsible risk management and good management of code of conduct • Acting as a trusted partner for all our stake-holders • Taking care of our employees
Authorities • Compliance with laws and regulations • Payment of taxes • Reliable employer • Active participation in regulation definition process • Open dialogue • Payment of taxes • Compliance with laws and regulations • Active dialog with regulators and participating work groups
Students and universities • Trainee and summer job opportunities • Thesis opportunities • Visits in Ensto • Sponsoring and scholarships • Hire students for summer jobs • Offer intern, trainee and thesis positions • Sponsoring and taking part in student events • Take part in responsible summer job campaign in Finland • Host visits at Ensto • Cooperation projects with universities in Finland, Estonia and in France • Take part in development of curriculum in Finland and in Estonia
Communities • Sponsoring • Open communication • Sponsoring sport clubs and teams • Corporate communication in website • Hosting school visits • Cooperation with local municipalities (Estonia)

Communicating with our stakeholders

We feel effective and open communication is a critical part of the quality management system. Our key communication objectives are to provide and obtain relevant and accurate information, reach critical stakeholders and fulfil the compliance obligations. With timely information we want to promote quality, safety and environmental matters and thus encourage the usage of best practices. With a communication plan we ensure that accurate and consistent information is provided to our stakeholders.

Our main external communication channel is Ensto's webpage ( We publish a stakeholder magazine Ensto Today once a year. We also use social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to communicate with our stakeholders and share our news. Environmental aspects are mainly communicated through the sustainability report, web and Ensto Today. Internally our main communication channels are Ensto's intranet, info screens, briefings and trainings.