Global megatrends driving our business

Ensto's management evaluates regularly the global megatrends that affect Ensto's business, examining related risks and opportunities to create the basis for our strategic planning. Based on the analysis made in 2016 and 2017 the five key megatrends with the greatest impact on our business are: urbanization, digitalization, social change, shift of economic power and sustainability. These megatrends have the greatest impact on Smart Cities, where we have chosen three ecosystems in which Ensto participates: Smart Grid, Smart Building and Smart Transportation ecosystems.

Our responsibility is to accelerate the change toward more sustainable cities by providing smart services and solutions with electricity and with high energy and resource efficiency.


Our smart and safe solutions for smart grids, buildings and transportation will help to build long lasting utility networks and decrease CO2 in urban areas.


Our new business models and solutions utilizing digitalization will help our stakeholders to be more efficient, utilize resources more carefully and use data in a smart way.


We design and provide solutions and services, which reduce fossil fuel dependence, e.g. intelligent solutions for e-mobility charging and renewable energy related solutions.

Social Change

We concentrate on developing needed services to our customers.
We will investigate and pilot new working models.

Shift in economic power

We do our best to make sure that that our suppliers act according to the laws and required standards.
We keep an eye on the possible business opportunities on the emerging markets.