Our sustainability highlights

Ensto Quality and Environmental policies renewed to comply with the new strategy and values

In 2017 we renewed Ensto's Quality and Environmental policies to comply with the new strategy and values. The two policies have been combined to into one policy. Quality and Environmental Management is the foundation of all our operations at Ensto. The meaning of the Policy is to summarize the essential elements of our commitment for Quality and Environmental Management.

Ensto Academy - Ensto's Learning Management System (LMS)

Ensto Academy was launched in 2017. It provides one common place for the competence management and thus, our personnel's development can be supported better. Among other functionalities, Ensto Academy enables versatile personnel and customer trainings online. The wide offering of e-courses include topics ranging from Ensto's products and solutions to Ensto's strategy and Employee Code of Conduct.

First Ensto Supplier Days arranged in Tallinn

In 2017, Ensto organized first global Supplier Days in order to build a strong supply base with our trusted partners. Together with our suppliers, we were able to discuss how to optimize joint activities and how to develop joint business. The Supplier Days were held in Tallinn, Estonia.   

Ensto launched Ensto SmartWay, a lighting solution equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ensto SmartWay is a self-learning, wirelessly networked and future-proof control system. SmartWay luminaires listen and learn by themselves and from each other to make sure that there is always light on where and when it is needed.

Electric vehicle charging took its first steps in India

First Ensto electric vehicle charging station was opened in New Delhi, India in October 2017. The station has Ensto Pro EV charging unit and it is connected to Finnish clean-energy company Fortum's Charge & Drive platform. 

Ensto Finland participates in voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement

Ensto Finland participated in Energy voluntary Efficiency Agreement during the period 2008-2016 and has decided to continue to part of the Agreement also in 2017-2025. Through the agreements, the aim is to improve the efficient use of energy within industry, energy sector, service sector, property and building sector, as well as regional authorities and municipalities.

Ensto's target is to decrease the energy usage at Porvoo site 7% (520 MWh) by 2020 and 10.5% (780 MWh) by 2025 compared to the energy usage in 2015. Energy saving actions done in 2014-2016 are taken into account, when the energy saving target is calculated.