Supplier Code of Conduct

Ensto Supplier Code of Conduct defines the minimum sustainability requirements to our suppliers and expectations regarding ethical issues. It is part of Ensto's ethical code for purchasing and it requires that suppliers act in ethically, legally, environmentally and socially appropriate manner. The Code lists basic requirements on labor issues such as ban of child, forced and indentured labor, working hours and wages and benefits.

In 2017 Supplier Code of Conduct was renewed. Ensto suppliers are obligated to implement the principles of the Supplier Code of Conduct across their whole operations. We expect suppliers to verify compliance by providing information and allowing possible audits. Ensto's suppliers are also expected to publish their own ethical code of practices.

During suppliers approval process Ensto evaluates and selects suppliers taking into consideration Supplier Code of Conduct and UN Global Compact principles. If the supplier does not fulfill the requirements, they are either given an opportunity to conduct corrective actions before they can be approved as Ensto's supplier or in more severe case they are turned down.