Our Sustainability Approach

Contributing to build more sustainable world

For us sustainability means responsible operation in all our actions. We constantly seek ways to reduce our energy consumption and operate more efficiently. We concentrate our efforts in the areas that account for most of our environmental impact to effectively enhance our overall performance; namely the use of raw materials, the consumption of electricity and the generation of non-recyclable waste.

We contribute to building a better society with electricity by providing smart solutions and services, improving energy efficiency and focusing on sustainable development. To accomplish this, we aim to be at the front line of the electrical systems and supplies industry in producing clean, recyclable, trusted, and innovative products and solutions that have a long lifetime and a low environmental impact over their life cycle.

We do our utmost to run our business in the ethical manners through the whole value chain. We value human rights and health and safety working conditions and expect our suppliers to do so too.

We are committed to promote responsible practices in our supply chain, while ensuring that our sourcing and supplier relationships deliver a competitive advantage. We expect our suppliers and partners to respect our values, policies and way of doing business when engaging in business activities with us.

We see sustainability as part of our everyday actions.

Our sustainability approach

Sustainability at Ensto is guided by various principles. The main ethical principles are defined in the Ensto's Employee Code of Conduct as well as our main policies: Quality and Environmental Policy and Safety and Health Policy. These, together with our values guide our sustainable way of working.

Our sustainability framework follows Ensto's new business strategy. We have defined four sustainability themes by focusing on our main stakeholders' needs and requirements. These focus areas are put into practice through concrete action plans that are followed at all levels of the organization. Theme owners have been appointed from the Ensto Management team. These persons are responsible for developing and enhancing these themes.

Sustainability Themes

The target of Best Employee Experience is to attract, develop and retain the best talents. This is done by offering equal opportunities and training to our employees, invest in wellbeing and work satisfaction. This theme also aims at raising the environmental awareness of our employees and other stakeholders.

Smart Solution Creation concentrates on supporting customers in sustainability by creating smart and safe solutions with low environmental impact. We seek ways to reduce energy consumption of our products with smart technology. We are embedding sustainability into internal processes by prioritizing materials with low environmental impact and developing product lifecycle management. 

In Responsible Sourcing we concentrate on increasing transparency in sourcing activities. We aim to set clear, transparent and fair criteria and processes when choosing and managing suppliers and partners. We focus on that supplier criteria is communicated, understood and followed throughout the whole supplier chain.

Within the theme Lean Manufacturing and Deliver we concentrate on efficient operation by reducing energy consumption and material wastage, minimizing environmental impacts and utilizing circular economy. We put lot of effort on maintaining and improving high-quality, safe and energy efficient production methods and ensuring safe environment working conditions.

All of the themes are based on our governance, which include our values, ethical principles, policies and guidelines, sustainability management, principles of UN Global Compact, well-being of local communities and dialogue with our stakeholders.