Focusing on quality at Ensto

The quality of our products, services and solutions is an integral part of our strategy and a cornerstone of our business. Quality is embedded in our daily business, as we strive to deliver the best customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our target is to solve customer's problem fast and smoothly in order to ensure satisfied customer. We strive to observe potentially dangerous, expensive and epidemic product faults as soon as possible in order to minimize the effects. We do our best to prevent recurrent problems by affecting on root causes of the problem.

A lot of effort has been put to improve and maintain high quality. In 2012 we started a persevering work to improve the quality which has led to impressive results. Compared to the year 2012 we have managed to reduce the number of claimed quantities by 65% in 2017. By providing high quality products, we meet our customers' requirements. Also less waste is generated, material usage is decreased and CO2 emissions are reduced.

We set plant specific quality targets and follow key performance quality indicators which are quality yield, monetary yield and number of claims.

In Ensto yield is used to measure quality. Yield covers both internal and external quality and it is calculated by dividing the difference of sold and claimed quantities with sold quantities. All the factories have their own targets for the quality yield.  In 2017 we reached 99.75% yield (including our own and trading products).