Sustainability Report

War Room

Continuous improvement is led in War Rooms

War Room is one of the most important initiatives to continuously improve our actions. War Room is used almost in all our operation units and also in other Ensto's functions such as manufacturing, warehouse, procurement, health and safety, environment. War Room is based on the idea that we should continuously identify and measure performance losses in the plant. In this context, losses are defined as lost productive time by machine or people.

Ensto production personnel meet daily for a brief 15 minutes meeting and review the losses. Whenever possible losses are immediately addressed with corrective actions. Whenever a loss occurs, personnel in production fill in a so called ‘Loss Card’ where all the details about the particular loss are recorded. Loss Cards are then posted to the board of the department in question.

Periodically losses are summarized and categorized. In this way the most burning and urgent problems are identified. Out of those Losses Reduction Projects are formed and executed. Those projects reduce and eliminate the root causes of the losses.

We continuously follow the number of loss cards and improvement project completions. In 2017, 38,162 loss cards were written which equals to 56,400 h loss time in a year.

  • In 2017: 270 improvement projects were completed generating 25,600 h/a loss time reduction.
  • In 2016: 316 improvement projects were completed generating 21,000 h/a loss time reduction.
  • In 2015: 309 improvement projects were completed generating 24,400 h/a loss time reduction.