Delivery at Ensto

One of our key strategic projects is to improve efficiency and agility of our end-to-end supply chain. We aim to improve our service capabilities –such as delivery times, small-orders handling and warehousing strategies, and securing visibility on profitability across our operations teams.

When planning our delivery, we take sustainability into account. We try to optimize the sizes of delivery batches and avoid air freights whenever possible. One of the criteria for selecting logistics partners for Ensto is environmental aspect. We require for our transportation partners to have clear consciousness of environmental issues and also to take concrete actions to decrease the CO2 emissions in transportation. Model of transport is chosen based on the customer needs.

In Finland and Estonia we have one carrier partner responsible for approximately 80% of the deliveries. According to them the carbon footprint of forwarding and freight was 1.8 tons of CO2 (equivalent) in 2017. 84% of the shipments (km) were done by road transportation, 14% by sea carriage and 2% by airfreight. Road transportation caused majority of carbon house dioxides (83%).