GRI Content Index

GRI standard Disclosure Reported
General disclosure
102-14 CEO Statement fully
102-15 Description of key impacts, risks and opportunities partly
102-1 Name of the organization fully
102-2 a. Organization’s activities fully
b. Primary brands, products, and services fully
102-3 Location of organization's headquarters fully
102-4 Number of countries and names of countries with significant operations or that are relevant to sustainability topics covered in the report fully
102-5 Nature of ownership and legal form fully
102-6 Markets served (geographic breakdown, sectors served, types of customers and beneficiaries) fully
102-7 Scale of the organization partly: financial matters reported only partly
102-8 Type of employees partly
102-9 Organization’s supply chain fully
102-10 Significant changes during the reporting period regarding the organization's size, structure, ownership, or its supply chain fully
102-16 Organization's values, principles, standards and norms of behavior fully
Commitments to external initiatives
102-12 List externally developed economic, environmental and social charters, principles, or other initiatives partly
102-13 A list of the main memberships of industry fully
Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries
102-46 The process for defining the report content and the Aspect Boundaries partly
102-47 A list of the material topics identified in the process for defining report content fully
103-1 The Boundary for the material topic fully
Stakeholder engagement
102-40 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization fully
102-42 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage fully
102-43 Organization's approach to stakeholder engagement partly: frequency of stakeholder engagement was not reported
102-44 Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement partly
Reporting profile
102-50 Reporting period fully
102-51 Date of most recent previous report fully
102-52 Reporting cycle fully
102-53 Contact point for questions fully
102-18 Governance structure of the organization fully
Environmental performance
302-1 Energy consumption within the organization fully
302-3 Energy intensity fully
303-1 Total volume of water withdrawn fully
305-1 Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions partly, only CO2 emissions from transportation and energy usage are reported
306-2 Total weight of waste fully
Social performance
403-2 Types of injury, injury rate, occupational disease rate, lost day rate, absentee rate, and work-related fatalities, for all employees partly: only accident frequency rate is reported
405-1 Diversity of employees partly: age distribution is not reported.