Reducing CO2 emission of our own travelling

During 2017 we have encouraged our employees to evaluate the necessity of their business trips and advised them to attend the meetings using video conference facilities whenever possible. We also enable remote working where allowed by the nature of work. This allows our employees to work from their homes and reduce the usage of private cars.

Through our global car policy we try actively to reduce the CO2 emission of our business car fleet and increase the share of electric vehicles. CO2 emission values have been included as a part of the Sustainable Ensto strategy to support our Customer Promise.

We purchase/lease as environmentally friendly cars as possible. We favor electrical and hybrid cars, having benefits especially driving in a city. We recommend changing over to the cars with smaller engines when ordering new company cars. Charging the batteries of electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles can be done free of charge in Ensto yard, where applicable.

The value of the car benefit in Finland is calculated based on the CO2 emissions of the car (see chart above). This has encouraged many of our employees to choose plug- in hybrid vehicles.  Maximum CO2 emission limit for company cars is reviewed annually, which currently is 130 g/km in Finland. In Ensto the average CO2 emissions of the company cars was 94 g/km.