Sustainability Report

Ensto Green Office

Although most of our environmental impacts are generated in our production plants, with concrete actions energy and material savings can also be found in the office as well. To increase sustainable thinking and actions in offices we have created, Ensto Green Office, which is part of our ISO 140001 based environmental management system.

The aim of this program is to decrease the consumption of natural resources by improving the energy efficiency, by preventing waste generation and by increasing environmental consciousness of employees. With Ensto Green Office we motivate our personnel to act in an environmentally friendly way in their everyday tasks.

A local Green Office coordinator and team, consisting of employees from different positions and apartments, are responsible for implementing and developing the Ensto Green Office. Ensto Green Office is audited internally in a certification process. The coordinator reports to the concept owner once a year of the KPI and development of Ensto Green Office.

First pilot for Ensto Green Office started in 2016 in Keila in Estonia. In 2017 we started to implement Green Office also in Porvoo site and we are expecting that Porvoo will be certified in 2018. Ensto Green Office will be implemented in all other Ensto offices and it will also be integrated to our existing audit systems. In 2018 we have planned to start Ensto Green Office implementation in St. Petersburg and Stockholm.