Sustainability Report

CASE: Ensto headquarters’ parking place one of the biggest EV charging points in Finland

Ensto headquarters’ parking place in Porvoo is one of the biggest EV charging points in Finland. On the parking place, you can find 30 Ensto's own charging points for Ensto's employees or for anybody who owns an EV. There are five different charging station models available. One of the charging points is extra special. It gets its electricity from solar power panels. You can seldom find a more environmentally friendly way to charge and drive a car.

On Ensto's parking place, the fast charging is also possibility. Depending on the car type, the charging lasts from 10-20 minutes.

To enhance the electric traffic more this kind of parking places are needed. Finland has currently approximately 1,000 public EV charging points. One of the biggest being at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. To compare Sweden has 3,700 and the Netherlands 30,000 public EV changing stations. Global financial services company UBS has predicted that by 2025 16% of cars sold worldwide will be EVs. In Europe the percentage will be 30 according to same prediction.