Sustainability Report

CASE: Ensto first Supplier Days

As collaborative supply chain is one of Ensto's goals to sustainable success, Ensto organized the first Supplier Days event in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017. Our aim is to build a strong supply base with our trusted partners and Ensto Supplier Days offered a great platform to share ideas and expectations. We believe that bringing Ensto strategies to life is not possible without our suppliers and that is why we saw it important to organize this event.

For us at Ensto teamwork between the company and the suppliers has a key importance. We believe that open dialogue is the basis of a successful business and therefore the focus was on communication throughout the event. Together with our suppliers we were able to discuss how to optimize joint activities and how to develop shared business.

Around 80 suppliers form different countries attended the Suppliers Days. During the three days Ensto strategy and production systems, procurement strategy and collaboration possibilities were introduced. Also Ensto's values were presented, which ideally should be followed throughout the whole supply chain. During the event, an Innovations Workshop was organized to encourage our partners to bring up innovative ideas how to increase the competitiveness and reduce costs of Ensto products. Suppliers had also possibility to visit our factories in Keila and Tallinn, where we introduced our current processes for them.