Sustainability Report

CASE: Ensto builds a more sustainable tomorrow one package at a time

In 2017 Ensto launched its new brand and visual identity to match better with the new strategy. This started up a need to redesign our packages. As we want to reduce the environmental impact whenever it is possible and help our customers to make more sustainable choices, it was clear that we would take environmental aspect closely into consideration when the new packages were designed.

This project has major importance since we supply about 20,000 different products annually and roughly 1,100 tons of cardboard are used yearly in packaging. Only little plastic is used as packaging material.

We have chosen to continue to use card board as packaging material, because it can be recycled. Cardboard also retains its value for longer than many other commodities and it breaks down completely, which means it is easy to store, bale and transport.

In our new packages, recyclable materials are used as much as possible and we use mainly brown corrugated board. Whenever possible, recycled fibers are used. We have also reduced the number of colors used in packaging printing, and we prefer more environmentally friendly packaging methods to reduce the amount of packaging materials. In addition to environmental values, Ensto's both business and retail customers have been taken into account in packaging design.

We have started to introduce new, more ecological packaging in spring 2018.