Sustainability Report

CASE: Motivating our employees to lead healthy lives

Since the beginning of 2013, we have been using the HeiaHeia online wellness tool to actively encourage our employees to lead an active lifestyle and to take the responsibility of their own wellbeing. The goal of the tool is to provide some extra motivation for sports and everyday exercise.

Ensto Wellness Motivator is a voluntary role appointed to one person at a time, for a period of one year. The task of the Wellness Motivator is to spread the word of importance of functional exercising and through different campaigns motivate Ensto personnel to exercise.

At Ensto we also provide sport benefits, organize voluntary personnel sport events and campaigns where we encourage our employees to more healthy living. As one example, in 2017 in Porvoo a local orienteering association OK Trian arranged a mobile orienteering afternoon for our employees. Mobile orienteering combines traditional orienteering with using mobile phone apps. Many other sport events were organized in various Ensto countries and locations.