Sustainability Report
a = diffuser, b = body, c = installation plate with two compact fluorescent light bulbs (2*18W), d = installation plate with LEDs (12 W). Lighting source type can be changed by changing just the installation plate.

CASE: Helping our customers to utilizing circular economy in luminaires

The global lighting market is undergoing a fast transformation due to technological change. LED lights are replacing other technologies and the adoption of connected lighting systems is growing. In the coming years, the shift into LED technology is likely to accelerate due to falling prices of LEDs, increased interest towards energy efficiency and upcoming regulations.

LED luminaires are not installed just in the new constructions but also in old buildings. Refurbishment of a lighting system is nowadays usually conducted with LED lighting. In case of fixed luminaires where the light source is integrated into the luminaire, this generally means that the whole luminaire needs to be changed and old one is discarded.

Modularity in Ensto's luminaires

At Ensto, we want prolong the lifecycle of our products and promote circular economy. Therefore, we have chosen to use modular structure in many of our luminaires. Modularity enables the change of the lighting source easily without changing the whole luminaire. Additionally more features such as radar or intelligence, can be added in the luminaire.

Modular structure means that the installation plate, which includes a built in lighting source, can be changed in our most common luminaires. In refurbishment of a lighting system only the old installation plate including the light source, is discarded and recycled. This way energy savings are gained with more efficient lighting source, and usage of components as well as materials is minimized, when diffuser and body do not need to be changed. The advantage of the solutions is also lower total expenses since very simple installation of new lighting source lowers the costs.

Ensto's Marlo luminaire is one of the newest luminaire with modular structure. It is designed for retail trade usage. Often spaces are reorganized in stores and lighting needs to be adjusted to new needs. Marlo is designed so that by changing the lighting source the light optics can be changed. By optimizing the lighting pattern the light can be used where it is really needed and energy can be saved.