Sustainability Report

CASE: Ensto SmartWay luminaires save energy with artificial intelligence

In 2017, Ensto launched a new intelligent lighting solution, Ensto SmartWay. Ensto SmartWay allows wireless communication without control wires or programming. The solution uses artificial intelligence, and it uses smart motion detection and light sensor.

Ensto SmartWay is self-learning solution, and the smart features start working as soon as luminaires have been installed. They learn continuously about the movements of the people using the building, adapting to any changes. Ensto SmartWay keeps learning throughout its life. Thus, the lights are on only where and when they are needed.

Ensto SmartWay will enable smart building functions. Sensors placed in luminaires can generate massive amounts of data about how a building is used. Movement may be analyzed in offices, stairwells or warehouses creating comfort and allowing a building owner to influence behavior and save energy.