Sustainability Report

CASE: Ensto Academy – competence management platform of Ensto


At Ensto we believe in the power of knowledge and learning. We find it important that our employees have high understanding of our business, solutions, services, technologies and products so that they can help our customers to build added value to their business. We also believe that by providing training to our employees and customers, we can enhance the best employee experience and the best customer loyalty.

Ensto Academy

Ensto Academy is Ensto's competence management systems, which enables versatile personnel and customers trainings online. Ensto Academy was launched in 2017 and all Ensto employees can access the platform in all Ensto countries. The e-courses offering include topics ranging from Ensto's products and solutions to Ensto's strategy and Employee Code of Conduct.

Ensto Academy also gives more versatility to our existing Ensto Pro trainings. Ensto Pro is Ensto's technical training concept targeted to customers, partners and own personnel. The aim is to create loyal customer relations and support our own employees by sharing knowledge.

Ensto Academy enables customers and employees to study the courses online when it is most convenient for them. Time, money and natural resources can be saved as people are able to study at home or their work places. The platform makes it possible for HCM and managers to follow up on learning process. We can offer e-learning and face-to-face courses as well as combinations of these two.

In the coming years, we will utilize the other functions Ensto Academy has to offer. These include e.g. competence management, personal learning plans and certification control. Team-specific and even individual learning plans are in some extent already in use. Ensto Academy also enables us to create onboarding packages to our new employees, which will ensure that all the newcomers are given the required introduction.

At the moment the majority of the courses in Ensto Academy are targeted to internal usage. Currently we are providing 16 internal e-learning courses and 4 e-learning courses to our customers. In 2017, 444 internal users had logged themselves in Ensto Academy and completed 370 e-learning courses, 264 face-to-face and 157 blended courses have been registered to the Ensto Academy. 22 customers have access rights to Ensto Academy.