CASE: Life cycle assessment proof material efficiency in office electrification

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is used in Ensto based on the customer needs. LCA is done mainly for the products that are close to the end customers (e.g. luminaires) since these products benefit from the environmental analysis most.

In 2015 life cycle assessment was carried out for EnstoNet products by a third party. EnstoNet is a prefabricated electrical cabling solution for industrial and commercial buildings. When using EnstoNet, less cable is needed, compared with traditional installation. This allows faster installation, more flexibility and uses less material.

The target of the LCA study was to demonstrate the CO2 emission and material reductions when using Ensto's products compared to the competitor's solutions. The analysis was made in a system solution level by comparing the electrification designs in a 1,600m2 office. The life-cycle assessment covers all environmental aspects for extraction and production of raw materials, manufacturing of key components, transport and assembly of the components until factory gate. The life cycle assessment has been performed according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

The outcome is expressed per one electrified working point in a modern office. The results revealed that EnstoNet solution requires 2.4 times less material compared to the traditional installation. In addition, the carbon footprint per electrified work point is 30% lower.