CASE: Circular Economy of IT equipment

In Finland, Sweden and Norway Ensto supplies its IT equipment from a leasing company 3 Step IT. That means that 3 Step IT takes care of the whole life cycle of IT equipment from supply to disposal. The only thing we need to do at Ensto, is to choose the right equipment and brand.

The advantages of leasing IT devices are that the satisfaction with IT rises when users get the latest technology, total costs are reduced and the old equipment is reused, rather than stored or dumbed. Leasing rather than owning has a sustainability aspect. If old devices can be sold to another customer or parts of the computer can be used to build a new devises natural resources can be saved. Sending equipment for refurbishment rather than to landfill lowers also the overall carbon footprint of each machine. This is what circular economy is all about.

“One of the most important criteria for choosing 3 Step IT as a partner, was the intention to offer our personnel up-to-date IT equipment for their daily use. And at the same time we can be sure that the equipment no longer used are refurbished and remarketed in an ethical way,” says Timo Hukkanen, Ensto's ICT Director. 3 Step IT is able to refurbish and re-market 95% of the IT equipment that is returned at the end of its leasing period. Majority of 3 Step IT´s recycled computers end up in European markets. All the data is always wiped from the storage devices so it is safe to let the devices to be reused.

Most of the used computers are in perfectly good working order and can be sold or leased for example for the schools. The incentive for schools to use recycled computers is that they can save thousands of euros.