CASE: A smoke-free Ensto

A smoke-free workplace has been shown to promote workers’ health and wellbeing. Smoke-free work environments also protect non-smokers from passive smoking. Ensto supports its employees’ being smoke-free and Ensto’s locations in Finland have been non-smoking as of January 1, 2016. This campaign has encouraged also other Ensto locations being smoke-free and e.g. Ensto in France is smoke-free and Ensto plants in Estonia are planning to come along in 2018.

“For us at Ensto, the well-being of employees is very much in focus, as quite often is the case in family businesses. It’s very important to the owners,” says Susanna Simolin-Eriksson, HCM Manager, who in her work concentrates on employee well-being.

“Well-being of employees means, among other things, good occupational health and investment in the development of health care services. A smoke-free working environment has significant importance. Actually, it is for us quite a matter of the heart,” continues Simolin-Eriksson.

In Finland Ensto supported its personnel who wanted to quit smoking in 2013-2015. There was a campaign where support was offered both as therapy and as medical substitution treatments. ”Both direct and indirect health impacts of tobacco are undeniable, and they are of great importance to public health. We have achieved our goal if even a few employees manage to quit smoking thanks to the support we provide,” states Simolin-Eriksson.