Sustainability Report

Working with our employees to make Ensto a better place to work

One of the tools in caring for the wellbeing of our employees is the employee experience survey. At Ensto we believe that employees give their best when the things that are meaningful to them are taken good care of in the workplace. Our employee surveys help us to gather valuable information about our employees’ opinions and what are the most important things for our people. The survey gives us a tool to develop our activities and identify practices that will make Ensto a better place to work.

Until 2017, we conducted engagement surveys every second year, but have now decided to conduct an employee survey every year. In 2017, with the renewed concept, the employee experience survey response rate was 75% which was a little bit lower compared to the previous year (80%). In the survey the employees were asked to choose five factors, which are most important to them from the given statements relating to a good work place. Based on their choices they were asked to give their evaluation and open feedback.

The results showed that 73% (scale: 1-100, 73% = good level) of respondents are satisfied with Ensto as a workplace. When asked where respondents have had their best work experience, 77% answered that they have been most satisfied working for Ensto than for previous employers. This is a very good result, and indicates that we have great potential in creating the best employee experience together.

Ensto's employee Net Promoter Score was five, which is an internationally comparable promoter score showing how engaged employees are. It is measured by asking how likely is it that you would recommend your employer to a friend or acquaintance. eNPS score over 20 is considered good, so we still have some work to do reach that level.

The results of the employee survey were discussed within the teams with a solution based approach. Each team was asked to discuss about the most meaningful things on team level and plan actions to develop those factors. We also encourage each employee to discuss their personal top 5 meaningful things with their superior to enable influencing individual employee experience.

Next employee experience survey will be conducted in autumn 2018.

Open Communication

At Ensto, we believe that open communication plays an important role in building employee engagement. We use multiple channels such as global intranet, team sites, reviews held by CEO, to communicate with our employees. We also send regular newsletters via email and provide printed versions for factories.

One of the forms of the open communication is Ensto Council, our own Group-wide cooperation forum, which is organized every year. The role of Ensto Council is to provide an opportunity for overseas units' employee representatives to express their views on various issues as well as to act as a Group-wide discussion and information forum. All Ensto offices and location are entitled to send their representatives to the Ensto Council's meetings. In 2017 the Ensto Council concentrated on discussions about the strategic target Best Employee Experience – how it is understood, examples how it works, what supports it and what is still needed to develop, to meet the target.