Rising environmental awareness

Training and knowledge sharing play crucial roles when rising awareness of environmental challenges and with the awareness starts caring. It is shaping the attitudes and behaviors that can make a difference. When you learn that even the small everyday choices can have a big impact on the environment, then you are on the right road.

Rising environmental awareness strives to enhance the general level of environmental awareness among Ensto people by the following actions:

  • Environmental card training for at least 20% of employees in factories
  • Environmental training for product management and product development personnel
  • Participating theme weeks such us Energy Awareness Week in fall and Earth Day in spring
  • Ensto Green Office training for all the Ensto employees working in office or office related environment

At the moment there are 94 (55% of the target) card owners in Porvoo and in Estonia. Trainings will continue 2018.

In 2017 Ensto arranged two theme weeks; Earth Day and Energy Awarenss Week. The main idea of these weeks is to share knowledge, raise common environmental awareness and encourage to more sustainable behavior at work and at home. The weeks are a mean of getting people to think and act in favor of sensible use of energy and environmentally conscious way in their daily life - voluntarily.

During the Earth Day -week facts about environmental choices we presented in our intranet, on posters and on infographic boards. Ensto's employees were also asked to share his or her own sustainable tips on the theme week website.

During the Energy Awareness Week we organized an energy saving –dance competition. We challenged all Ensto teams and/or group of colleagues to share their energy saving tips in the form of dancing videos. In our intranet we also provided stories of Ensto people saving energy.