Sustainability Report

Personnel - diversity as a strength

We believe that engaged and skilled personnel are the key to success. We see diversity as a strength that helps us attract the most talented and motivated people. It is our duty to offer people a working environment where every individual’s contribution and participation is appreciated, rewarded, and encouraged.

At the end of 2017 Ensto employed 1,573 people of which 1,502 (95%) were full-time employees. Ensto has employees in 20 countries. The majority of our employees are located in Estonia (33%), Finland (25%) and France (19%).

Our employee base is relatively evenly distributed in terms of age and gender and there have not been big changes over the years. At the end of 2017, 43% of our employees were female and 57% male. 98 % of the employees had a full-time employment contract. Factors like one’s gender, nationality, ethnicity or age have no weight in our recruiting decisions. We also consider factors such as nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, in addition to education, and work experience, as important aspects of diversity and provide equal opportunities to all of our employees, but do not actively gather data on these factors.

Personnel by gender

Development of Personnel