Sustainability Report

Employee Wellbeing

At Ensto we believe that satisfied, happy and healthy employees are more productive and lead to satisfied customers. Well-being at work is a set of preventive, comprehensive and systematic actions where everyone in the organization is involved.

The well-being work at Ensto is led by the well-being steering team. Superiors, employees and the work community have their own responsibilities. Health and safety matters have the highest priority and individuals' own responsibility is crucial.

Ensto supports employees in this by providing different tools and possibilities to maintain and develop own skills and competences needed in one's daily work, to participate in developing one's own work, and in other development projects. Following means are used to support employee's well-being (local variations possible to enable best fit to the local culture and traditions):

  • development discussions
  • employee surveys
  • early support model
  • advise and support from HCM personnel
  • occupational health care services
  • safety tools (e.g. guidelines, trainings, process to inform of safety risks etc.)
  • supporting tools (e.g. Wellness motivator, social online wellness motivator tool Heia-Heia, sports activities etc.)
  • non-smoking workplace
  • trainings to ensure needed competences
  • internal job rotation (e.g. by applying to open positions in Plaza, discussing career plans or expectations in development discussion)