Ensto has a zero tolerance for corruption of any kind. The Ensto Employee Code of Conduct, approved by the Management Team of Ensto Group, outlines the proper practices and provides guidance to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues laws and practices related to anticorruption. The Ensto Employee Code of Conduct applies to all Ensto's employees in their daily work. Employees are provided with an e-course about Ensto Code of Conduct, which looks at issues such as anticorruption.

Responsibilities in the event of non-compliance are outlined in the Ensto Employee Code of Conduct. We expect our employees to ask questions and report to their superior whenever they believe there is a potential violation of law or policy, and we investigate all such concerns.

We expect our suppliers to follow the laws and regulations related to anticorruption. This has been stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We conduct risk assessments to all our new suppliers and suppliers' audits to suppliers from risk areas to ensure that we identify and respond to anti-corruption risks.

In 2017, there were no fines or other sanctions for non-compliance for regulations related to anticorruption.