Reporting data collection

Data gathering is an important part of our sustainability reporting. The personnel data and the data related to the social performance, are collected through Human Resource Management system (Flower). The system includes accurate data on Ensto's employees globally, covering all units and providing basic employment related information on all employees.

The training data is collected by our local human resources personnel. In 2017 we launched an eLearning platform (Ensto Academy) which will help us in the future to report more accurately of the employee trainings and educations.

Environmental data is compiled from manufacturing plants. No data of waste production was available from India and St. Petersburg. Also data of energy consumption in St. Petersburg could not be gathered. CO2 emissions of the electricity production were collected from the energy producers whenever the data was available. CO2 emissions of the electricity in Llers in Spain and Milan in Italy factories were taken from European Environment Agency. CO2 emissions of the electricity in Russia and India were taken from publication of International Energy Agency. CO2 emission factors for fuels were gathered from different sources, which were Finland´s Ministry of the Environment, Motiva and U.S Energy Information Administration.

Financial data is based on data collection through our enterprise resource planning system (IFS). The figures used in Ensto Group’s consolidated financial statements have been prepared according to the International Financial Reporting Standard.