How to earn money with your home EV charger - Fill the form and see the webinar

Have you thought of charging your EV at home? This can be done even while you sleep. And many have done so, as the number of electric vehicle drivers doubled in the year 2017. Now you too can get your car battery loaded effortlessly at home, while your home charger helps you to pay the bills. Sounds great? It sure does, and this makes your day go easy, as you can dodge the queues of your local charging station.

Just take a notice of this: with EV charger new opportunities and pitfalls enter your home as well. These are: (1) how to pay your bills with your own EV charger (sell electricity to grid) in the future and (2) how to evade peak demand charges (getting fined for overloading your local grid). In this webinar we will help you make substantial earnings and save money with your own SMART Charger.

Whether you are offering workplace charging to your employees, live in an apartment building or a house of your own, this webinar is for you, because EVs are the form of tomorrows transportation. So, let's dive in and learn how to save and earn with SMART charging!

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • What are peak demand charges, why EV owners should avoid these and how to do it
  • What are V2G/V2H and how you can make money on these
  • What type of smart charger do you need to participate in these opportunities and benefit from them