Robust enclosures withstand Finland’s harsh weather and changing seasons, to guarantee well-functioning cellular networks

Collaboration between Ensto and Orbis kicked off in 2013 when Orbis began using Ensto’s enclosure solutions in its cellular-network base stations. These enclosures have already been installed all over Finland, and plans for the future include implementing cabling solutions for smart poles, complete with Ensto enclosures. 

Ensto’s customized enclosure solutions are part of Orbis’s cabling-product range for cellular-network base stations. Ensto’s factory in Estonia manufactures customized industrial enclosures, complete with the Orbis logo, cable glands, and terminals. Orbis equips the enclosures with its optical-fiber and electricity-supply cabling products and delivers them to various parts of Finland to be installed for cellular-network base stations. The collaboration between the companies is driven by unwavering demand for high-quality enclosure solutions that meet the strictest quality and operation requirements. Ensto’s industrial enclosures have been designed and verified to function in a wide range of applications and demanding conditions. 

“We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions. We tailor our solutions to our customers’ needs and specifications. The Cubo S and O industrial enclosures, which were specifically adapted for Orbis, offer a high-quality solution for cellular-network base stations. These robust enclosures withstand Finland’s harsh weather conditions and changing seasons, even when mounted high on a pole,” says Jaanus Kuub, a sales manager with Ensto. 

Ensto enclosure solutions for smart poles in smart cities

Kera, part of the Finnish urban center of Espoo, has launched a “smart city” project, which involves several companies and research facilities. The smart city test environment is piloting new data-based services for cities. For this environment, 5G smart poles developed in the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem have been used to build an information and sensor network that collects and utilizes data. About 250 devices have  been placed on smart poles, so that they can communicate with one another over fast 5G connections. An electric vehicle charging device, weather and air-quality sensors, video cameras, screens, and other information-technology devices required by a smart city were connected to the system.

“Orbis was responsible for installing cables, connecting the devices, and assembling the systems in the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem. Also, we are developing other cabling systems for smart poles that use Ensto’s enclosures,” explains Orbis sales director Anu Peussa.

You can read more about smart poles and cellular-network solutions on the Orbis website.