More reliable distribution grid – first Auguste load break switches were installed in Finland

Finland’s first Auguste load break switches were installed in Virrat in the network of a Finnish electricity distribution company
Koillis-Satakunnan sähkö. The company aims at building a yet more reliable distribution grid and Ensto was chosen as its partner in network automation.

Load break switch functions reliably in extreme conditions

Thanks to its closed connection chamber Auguste load break switch is suitable for locations where the reliable and uninterrupted functioning of the distribution grid is vital also in extreme weather conditions. There is no need for maintenance or adjusting the device during its lifetime. The traditional remote-controlled overhead line disconnecting switches need to be technically tested and inspected at regular intervals, which naturally causes costs.

In Virrat the Auguste load break switches were installed in the branching point of the main line to detect the fault and automatically disconnect the faulty part from the main line. When e.g. a tree falls on the branch line the load break switch disconnects the faulty part automatically leaving the main line live and functioning. This way the faulty part with no electricity will be at minimum and the amount of end users experiencing power outage small.

Easy installation in the network

In the first phase of the installation the load break switch was lifted in the pole with a hoist and the device was fixed on the pole. The lower base and the surge arresters were plugged in before the actual installation and the motor and relay operations tested after the installation. As the load break switch was taken into use the software update was tailored on the spot for the customer. The recoupling and the SCADA connection were checked with data connection. 

From Ensto Sales Marko Kylliäinen, and from Network Automation Technical Support Didiere Touyarou participated in the installation in Virrat. "The customer found the installation very smooth and the work phases were realized even better than expected. The presence of technical support from France was welcome in a very positive way” says Marko Kylliäinen.


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