Lindström Invest selects smart lighting control for its Business Park Loikka

Lindström Invest opted for the smart and adaptable Ensto Workspaces lighting control solution for its Loikka office and meeting facility at Rantatie Business Park.

Completed in December 2019, Loikka is the third and final part of the Rantatie Business Park complex located in Kalasatama in Helsinki. It houses about 6,800 square metres of elegant and modern office and meeting premises for companies. The building has seven floors, six of which contain office spaces. The seventh floor houses a conference centre and rooftop terrace, which complement Rantatie’s services and meeting facilities. Loikka has applied for LEED Gold certification. Emphasising factors such as buildings’ energy-efficiency, functional waste management, indoor air quality, thermal conditions, acoustics and lighting conditions, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification system is aimed at promoting greener construction solutions. Under the scoring system, points are also awarded for energy-efficient lighting and lighting control.

Loikka’s lighting control was realised with the Ensto Workspaces solution, which transforms illumination into an individual experience and promotes well-being and efficiency in the workplace. As an open IoT solution, Ensto Workspaces offers numerous added value features, such as the measurement of the premises’ usage rate and occupancy data, in addition to effective lighting control and exceptional adaptability. New added value features will also be introduced.

Ensto Workspaces – an exceptionally adaptable solution

Managing Director Jouni Puhakka, who has steered Lindström Invest for 18 years, explains: ‘It takes courage to be a pioneer. Our slogan is ‘Offices for companies – work environments for people’. Modern, smart and human-centric lighting control complements our strategy perfectly. We keep abreast of technical advances and implement the latest technology whenever it is feasible – we are happy with the end result.’

Ensto Workspaces is a smart solution that offers users a new way to enjoy lighting. Modern technology takes the individual, customised lighting experience to a new level – light’s positive effects create a pleasant atmosphere that goes deeper than the surface. Workspaces is an extremely adaptable solution that lends itself to various uses in line with the space requirements and the work community’s needs. Puhakka, who says that the strengths of the Workspaces solution lie in its technical adaptability, explains: ‘Thanks to this adaptability, space arrangements can be changed quickly and cost-efficiently during the building’s service life. Customers also benefit from having a system such as this in place, with adjustable lighting levels contributing to customer satisfaction.’ 

Pekka Tynjälä
, project manager at Lindström Invest, says:
‘We first tested this solution at Rantatie Business Park’s Kasvu facility. We learnt then how to adjust lighting levels with the app. The first model installations were implemented in the meeting spaces, where we could see how the app works in practice. This allowed us to gain experience of using the system, making it easy for us to implement it at Loikka.’

At Loikka, lighting control has been used in ambient lighting, enabling the adjustment of illumination levels for each area separately. Corridors in the building are equipped with motion detectors, which switch the lights on when a customer enters the premises. Push buttons can be used to control various lighting modes, dimming functions and illumination levels in meeting rooms, for example. Tynjälä explains the benefits brought by the Workspaces solution to Loikka: ‘Illumination and space-specific control can be adapted to meet the tenants’ needs. If changes take place in the space arrangements or the need for space, the existing control system can be adapted accordingly. Because there is no need to install new cables and changes are easy to implement remotely, no visits by a fitter are required. This saves time and money for everyone.’

The company’s collaboration with Ensto has run smoothly. ‘We have been offered guidance on the commissioning of the system and the adjustment of the lighting levels. Collaboration with Ensto has been successful and there is no reason why it shouldn’t continue – we are pleased with it,’ explain Tynjälä and Puhakka.

Ensto Workspaces for evolving work environments 

Toni Anttila, Head Of Workspaces at Ensto Smart Buildings, explains that Ensto is developing new Workspaces technology, which uses the Wirepas Mesh network to offer a solution for modern work environments. ‘It allows wireless connectivity for massive IoT networks. Wirepas Mesh is a multi-node IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, localise and identify luminaires, sensors, indicator lights, property, devices and meters. With the Workspaces technology, illumination can be individually tailored in line with the user needs and preferences. In practice, this means that the work environment adapts to employees’ needs and not the other way around,’ says Anttila.

The technique combines traditional and modern control methods: illumination can be adjusted with push buttons, sensors and a mobile app. In addition, Workspaces includes many other modern features, such as the monitoring of space usage rates and the identification of free spaces. Through the Workspaces technology, Ensto Workspaces offers its customers the opportunity to create modern work environments where employee well-being and satisfaction are a priority.

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